Angels’ Nectar - Islay Edition (47%)*


From Angels’ Nectar comes this Islay Edition, which, as you may have suspected already, is a peated single malt. It hails from an undisclosed distillery on the island, and has been aged for five years in bourbon barrels. The whisky is presented at 47% ABV in a rather striking black and gold bottle. Angels’ Nectar is named for the angels’ share, the name given to the whisky lost to evaporation during the ageing process.

Region: Islay

Nose: Charred lemon peel, with barley sugar and peat smoke alongside cured meats.

Palate: Digestive biscuits and waxy lemon peel, with floral honey and a medicinal iodine note.

Finish: Sea air and vanilla, with bonfire smoke and mineral maritime notes lingering.

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