Bruichladdich 1990/25 - 25 Year Sherry Cask Edition Pedro Ximinez Oloroso (No Tin)*~V~


Finding Bruichladdich in Sherry casks has always been unusual. There are two fundamental reasons for this. The first is our refusal to use inferior quality wood that has simply been ‘ avoured’ by exposure to poor quality Sherry (sadly a widespread industry practice). The second relates to the delicate, floral personality of Bruichladdich spirit. Great care needs to be taken to ensure that these subtle characteristics are retained.


Character – Carefully crafted from a suite of some of the rarest and most sought after casks, this lavish and luxurious whisky is pure self-indulgence and decadence.

Colour – Date syrup.

Nose – The nose opens dramatically with raisin, dates, figs and apricot, dried in the mediterranean sun. A remarkable opening for the next wave of Turkish delight and marzipan fused with vanilla, date syrup and prune. The sweetness is exaggerated with a malted barley sugar note. the flavours remind you of Christmas cake and yet there is a sunny late summer quality about this dram rather than winter comforts. Layered underneath the strong Jerez influence are gentle fruit notes present in the spirit since the day it flowed from the stills.

Palate – The palate is complex and deep, the full bodied texture will take time to release its full array of flavours and subtleties. But after 25 years in the making, you can afford a little time to savour this one. As the silky-smooth liquid settles on your tongue there is a heart- warming moment as the flavours released begin to tell the tale of the journey of the spirit to the bottle. The rich, dried fruit flavours with tobacco and leather notes of Jerez tell their story first before the Bordeaux oak offers its creamy vanilla sweetness and dusting of Demerara sugar.

Finish – Like an autumn sunset its finish is long and vivid. The remarkable balance from the selection of casks has allowed a medley of flavours to come together in harmony, there is a deft balance. Close your eyes and revel in this lavish, opulent and multi-layered expression.

Mood – This spirit of which we are so proud has been treated with special care and extra attention to ensure we gain the best of the casks, the Spanish accent of rich dried fruit and pipe tobacco does not overpower the delicate spirit of Bruichladdich instead a striking balance is on show.

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