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Bunnahabhain Staoisha Whisky – 7 Year 2013, Artist Coll SA (57.1%)


Bunnahabhain Staoisha Whisky – 7 Year 2013, Artist Coll SA

This version could not be more characteristic of Bunnahabhain and begins by revealing the full breadth of its flavour and aroma palette with rare generosity and candour.

It then does everything in its power to highlight its full complexity and depth. Intensely malty, peaty, medicinal, salty and ashy, it is also wonderfully floral, fruity, honeyed and minty.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Islay / 57.1%
Small Batch of 2 Hogshead Casks
Limited edition of 606 bottles

Region: Islay

Colour:  Bright Gold

Nose: Rich, concentrated. On the first nose, a medicinal (band-aid, ointment), lemony and milky (coconut) peat takes over the olfactory arena. Allowed to breathe, strong spices (black pepper, clove) appear alongside white flowers (lily, iris) as malted barley makes its entrance. With it come fragrances of geranium, vetiver and musk. Barley sugar then brings lots of creaminess to the aroma palette.

Palate: Energetic, precise. The attack gets straight to the point, setting down its peaty, smoky, ashy, medicinal and salty tones. Once this terpene-esque storm has passed, fresh fruits (pear, Mirabelle plum), citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit) and fresh walnut rise to the surface of the flavour palette. Later, acacia honey, peppermint, nutmeg, liquorice and exotic fruits (pineapple, banana) fresh out the end of the palate.

Finish: Long, satiating. With surprising concentration, the start of the finish sees peat hold onto every inch of its influence. Authoritatively, it breathes huge rhythm into the tasting. At this point, the flavours of a peaty and camphoric spirit flood the palate. The bright retro-nasal olfaction takes us to a river’s edge to breathe in the marine and salty scents. Fragrances of seaweed and wildflower (dandelion) fill the air. The empty glass is a block of peat that releases notes of sea spray and salt.

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