Cascahuin Extra Anejo Tequila (43%)


The exceptional Cascahuin Distillery in the city of El Arenal is one of the finest in the Lowland. Not only are they committed to quality like few other distillers in Jalisco, they’ve been crucial in the re-creation of the ancestral style of tequilas for Siembra Spirits as well as recently constructed a Tahona press on their property. They use only the finest fully mature agave and represent an authenticity that is lost in almost all but a tiny handful of tequila producers. Their extremely rare and limited Extra Anejo is the culmination of years of patience. This cooked in their traditional brick ovens before being crushed on roller mills. Fermented without the fibers and distilled on small copper potstills before being aged for more than three years in used American white oak. Bottled at a vibrant 86 proof, this is what truly authentic Anejo tequila should taste like. No additives, no flavorings, no sugar, just pure agave goodness.

Region: Mexican Tequila


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