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Compass Box Glasgow Blend – Single Marrying Cask Bottled for Bottega (Cask No 131) 49%


Compass Box Glasgow Blend – Single Marrying Cask Bottled for Bottega (Cask No 131)

Cask Type: Sherry-Seasoned Butt  Custom Barrel

Hand Selected By: Bottega Whiskey Club

Married: 13 August 2021

Bottled: 26 June 2022

Cask No: 131

No. of Bottles: 606

GLASGOW BLEND Single married Sherry Cask.

1st Glasgow blend married by Jill Boyd for South Africa and the Bottega Whisky Club! Look out for tasting with Jill Boyd herself

As Aeneas MacDonald details in his book ‘Whisky’, 1900s Glasgow preferred a fuller-bodied and more flavourful style than other parts of the world . A hundred years on the smoky-peaty signature in GLASGOW BLEND has lost none of  its power to captive, under pined by whiskies aged in Oloroso Sherry-seasoned casks full of fruitcake and spice-like character.

But please don’t  take it too serioulsy. Because if there’s something else Glaswegiana are famous for, it’s their wry sense of humour. Have a close look at the Duke of Wellington statue on our label. For decades this regal monument outside Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art has been dressed down this a cheekily placed traffic cone. It’s one of the city’s most iconic image, a playful take on tradition that we share at Compass Box.


“The unique bottling has been created especially from a SINGLE MARRYING CASK used to mature whisky after initial blending has taken place. Such secondary maturation used to be commonplace within the world of Scotch but has become a lost art over the past 100 years. Fill details of the specific marrying cask used to mature this whisky can be found on the front of this bottle.   We hope you find this information enlightening! Drink this Single Marrying Cask bottling any you like and above all Share & Enjoy!” John Glaser Founder & Whisky maker.

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