Compass Box Orangerie (40%)


Scotch drinkers are a finicky bunch. We know this because Gear Patrol has its share of whisky aficionados on its staff. Drinking Scotch is an activity not to be taken lightly, and is done with a great deal of reverence. So, it’s no small feat to win over the die-hard Scotch crowd with an infused whisky from an upstart company whose owner is – gasp! – an American ex-pat living in London. So it was with a healthy dose of skepticism that I tried Compass Box Whisky’s Orangerie.

One of the best whisky liqueurs we’ve ever tried! This Compass Box classic is flavoured with Sri Lankan Cloves, Indonesian Cassia bark and hand-zested Navalino oranges. Orangerie has sublime balance and a beautiful zesty flavour.

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Soft, rich whisky flavours, with a hint of vanilla from casks of Vosges oak, are offest by sweet natured orange mysterious exotic spices add intrique

Orangerie is a whisky infusion made of smooth, sweet scotch whisky infused with the hand peeled zest of Navalino oranges and subtle accents of Indonesian cassia bark and Sri Lanken cloves.

sweet orange, a bit of sweet malt, and thankfully rather short.

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