Compass Box The Double Single


Compass Box, much-adored makers of excellent blends, have posed an interesting quandary – “How many components are required to create true complexity in a blended Scotch whisky?” They reckon you only need two components, and here’s their argument: The Double Single, a blended Scotch whisky made with one single malt whisky and one single grain whisky! The single malt in question was from Glen Elgin, while the single grain was from Girvan.

The Double Single contains single malt whisky from the Glen Elgin distillery (72% of the recipe) and single grain whisky from the Girvan distillery.

The elegantly complex, ethereal malt whisky character is balanced on a decadent cushion of rich, sweet, vanilla-tinged grain whisky character.  

The combination is a deeply satisfying yet versatile whisky, perfect served as an rich aperitif before a winter’s dinner, or as a rewarding post-prandial any time of year. 

Other Scotch Whisky

Nose: Milk chocolate, iced buns and salted butter.

Palate: Light vanilla and citrus, followed by a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Finish: Lingering grain sweetness, with touches of malt loaf.

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