Copper Republic Single Grain Whisky


Celebrating whisky craftsmanship at its finest, Copper Republic Single Grain Bourbon Cask Whisky is a small batch, double ex-Bourbon cask matured, handcrafted South African whisky.
Distilled from 100% South African yellow maize (corn), this is a rare and pure South African whisky at its finest.

Freshly charred and aged ex-Bourbon casks are used throughout the maturation process which contributes perfectly to the depth of character, complexity and maturity of flavour in this whisky.
The result of this Bourbon oak alchemy is something quite extraordinary.

Bottled in hand-blown glass, this PURE AFRICAN SPIRIT is unique in every way.


Taste: A single grain whisky, double matured in ex-Bourbon oak casks in South Africa, makes for a rich, yet remarkably smooth taste. Indulge in notes of vanilla, toasted oak and a soft and creamy finish.

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