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Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection – Vat 01 Smooth & Mellow – 1L


Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection – Vat 01 Smooth & Mellow

The Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection explores a method of perpetual maturation. Similar to a solera system, the vats of whisky are only half emptied for bottling, while the remaining aging malt is topped up with younger spirit, creating a continuous flow between the original liquid and those that follow. This single malt matured in a combo of bourbon and red wine casks, resulting in a rewardingly silky, elegant sipper.

Region: Speyside

Nose: Sweet, vinous fruits and orchard blossom are joined by notes of peach and dried mango. More floral notes of malt and honey are joined by cider apples.

Palate: Peach, apple, and honeyed pastry counter tingles of peppery spice before giving way to zesty grapefruit, vanilla sugar, and grape skins.

Finish: Soft pears and gently tannic oak, with redcurrants followed by pangs of peppery spice and roasted nuts.

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