Glenlivet 18 Year (Old)


To recap, I think The Glenlivet 12 year is slightly better than its similarly-priced rival Glenfiddich 12. On the flip-side, my impression of The Glenlivet 15 year is of moderate improvement that doesn’t justify its price jump. Today, we look at The Glenlivet 18 year, one of the cheapest scotches on the market to have reached 18 years of age. I enjoyed its nemesis,Glenfiddich 18, and I enjoyed the price I got it for at Costco even more. Let’s see how this one fares.

Oddly for The Glenlivet, which staunchly uses ex-bourbon barrels for its maturation, the 18 contains sherry-matured spirit at 12-13% of its volume. Glenlivet does not add coloring agents, but does chill-filter its malts. Finally, this entry in the Glenlivet range gets a bump up in ABV to 43%. About time.

This excellent 18 year old single malt from Glenlivet is a classic Speyside dram, it also won two golds at the International Wine and Spirits Competition.


Quite big and well-rounded. There are notes of chewy sultanas and Sherried peels, barley sugars and toasty cereals with petals and apple blossom.

Full and rich with notes of chewy, tannic oak. Manuka honey and walnut with Cox’s apples and orange peels.

Character: Long and dry with a spicy oak note.

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