Hancock’s President’s Reserve


Single Barrel bourbon from Buffalo Trace. Huge depth of flavour and a beautiful decanter to boot.


American Whiskey

Appearance: Nice red / yellow copper in the bottle. Much more yellow cast in the glass. Some very small particulates in the glass (have to look hard). Even, thick body on swirling with not many but nice long legs developing.

First Impression: Lemon, Virginia tobacco, rye notes.

Taste: Medium body and mouthfeel, lemony, a touch of sweetness turning to a drier finish.

Drinks: Good for most bourbon drinks but does not stand up to other ingredients as much as some other bourbons.

Final Thoughts: I like the citrus and rye notes but lacks some of the depth and complexity of their other brands. Simple, nice and some charm, an easy drinking whiskey, however I find it a bit pricey for what it is.

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