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Knob Creek Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 9 Year 100 Proof (50%)


Knob Creek is a small batch bourbon produced by Jim Beam, distilled in a more traditional style and aged 9 nine years. It is named for the area in Kentucky where Abraham Lincoln grew up, it is said that the creek nearly claimed his life when he was swimming.

Region: USA, Kentucky

Nose: Quite spicy and sweet.

Notes: Melted salty butter on granary toast, there are notes of toasty oak and a touch of rye with caramel sweetness.

Palate: Quite peppy and full. There are notes of candy floss and nut oil, a touch of spice and dark chocolate, a little spice and charred oak.

Finish: Long with a touch of dryness, there are notes of nut oils and vanilla spice.

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