Komos Reposado Rosa Tequila (40%)


Luxury tequila, refined. Tequila Komos combines the highest artistry in tequila-making with innovation inspired by Mediterranean wine-making techniques. The Reposado Rosa expression is aged in the finest French oak red wine barrels for two months to create a Reposado unlike any other. Our Reposado then aerates to make the mouthfeel softer and rounder, while adding the slightest impression of natural sweetness. The Reposado Rosa tequila is transformed to a beautiful pink hue, with a rich palate awash in dark berries and cocoa. The iconic bottle is handmade vitrified porcelain and is meant to be up-cycled to live on long after you have finished enjoying what lies within.

Region: Mexican Tequila

NOSE: Blackberries, plums, and dark cherries leap out of the glass.

PALATE: Big, round and plush on the palate, the fresh agave flavours are met with vanilla, butterscotch, and a dry dark chocolate note.

FINISH: The finish is long, rich, and very smooth, leaving the impression of chocolate covered strawberries behind it.

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