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Penny Blue 2011, Single Cask Series – Cask #249 (Sherry) (48%)


Penny Blue 2011, Single Cask Series – Cask #249 (Sherry)

It is no secret that Medine distillery holds some rather special sherry casks, many being worthy of a single cask bottling. American Oak sherry casks on the other hand, are far more unusual to find in this distilleries ageing stores.

Moving away from the more abundantly found Spanish Oak sherry casks, the American Oak sherry casks showcase some interesting differences. When tasted together, side by side, they make for a revealing comparison with many commonly shared sherry notes becoming apparent, but evidently, and also importantly, one is able to identify a distinct profile to both wood types.

Mauritius, Traditional Rum
Single Cask Series / 48% / 750ml
Cask #249 (Sherry)
Limited edition of 240 bottles

Country: Mauritius

Colour:  Dark sherry with a mahogany tinge.

Profile:  Balanced, luxurious, another exceptional sherry cask.

Nose:  One immediately noses that this has been aged in a very humid and Tropical ageing environment. A big hit of rich and moist tobacco, followed by a slightly smoky sweetness. It’s spare ribs with a sticky barbecue sauce that’s sizzling away on the grill, the sauce is charring up nicely before revealing an abundance of ripe fruits. Turkish delight, prunes and dates.

Palate:  Deep sherry sweetness all over the palate, treacle sugar, tobacco and that barbecue sauce again. We are tasting everything revealed on the nose.

Finish:  Long with a deliciously sweet kick, the finish is decadent and lingers, but before it can settle, you find yourself looking for another sip.

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