Slaughter House


Slaughter House American Whiskey was initially aged nine years in American oak before seeing additional maturation time in Papillion barrels. These wine vessels once housed a Bordeaux-styled blended red who’s components were sourced from a range of Napa Valley vineyards. The whiskey was then cut with water from a natural hillside spring found on Phinney’s property some 2,000 feet above California’s Alexander Valley.

His combination of high quality sourced grapes, meticulous vinification practices and creative labels have made him one of the more sought after and well respected California wine producers.


Intense vanilla and baking spice that hits you immediately.

Honey, marmalade, and vanilla swath the forefront while spice and candied fruit coat the palate.

Vanilla, spice, butterscotch and toast produce a finish that lingers on.

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