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Tommy Ballard’s Irish Whiskey (43%)


Tommy Ballard’s Irish Whiskey

Tommy Ballards is a an exceptionally smooth and characterful Irish Whiskey distilled, matured, and blended in Ireland for Ballard Brothers & Co of West Cork. Ballards is a classic Irish Whiskey made in the finest distilling tradition to create a whiskey that is smooth, well rounded, and deeply satisfying.

Ballard Brothers pride themselves on the quality of the whiskey, that carries Tommy Ballards’ name, and the enjoyment it brings their friends and customers. Tommy Ballards is an outstandingly smooth, triple distilled whiskey, aged in oak casks and matured in Ireland.

The Ballards’ master blender carefully tastes and selects, casks of malt, pot still, and grain whiskey, and he blends these, using years of experience, to create an elegant whiskey, smooth, sophisticated, and highly characterful.

Region: Irish Whiskey

Delicate vanilla on the nose followed by a mellow sweet round mouthful and a long pleasant and warm finish.

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