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Waterford PEATED Fenniscourt 1.1, Arcadian Barley, SFO (50%)


Waterford PEATED Fenniscourt 1.1, Arcadian Barley, SFO

Out of necessity since the dawn of time, peat has been the primary fuel source in rural Ireland, with its sweet pungency familiar to generations gathered around the hearths of ancient thatched cottages. This same diffused aroma cloaked barley dried over peat smoke by illicit distillers, a custom that died out in the 1850s. With barley grown on the Single Farm Origin of Fenniscourt in Co. Carlow, we return to an earthy, wild & raw tradition rooted in the distant past.

The use of peat marks a return to a certain tradition, since it was for centuries the main means of heating for the peoples of the island. This 38 ppm peated single malt combines a very marked
smoky character with animal, earthy and saline notes. A touch of spices and vegetable scents bring it a welcome freshness.

Region: Irish Whiskey

Appearance: Rich buttermilk with fabulous oils.

Nose: Turf (peat), saltiness, pear skin, woodland moss, hay, lemon skin, dried thyme, malted biscuits, marzipan, cooked banana, sweet floralness, wattle and daub, golden syrup.

Palate: Farm tastes, dry rub that you would use on a barbecue, bog myrtle, clove sweets , leather, maraschino cherry, barley husks, gooseberry jam.

Finish: Soft, earthy warmth, dry, finish in gentle waves.

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