West Cork Blend


This blend from West Cork has gone through some clever finishing in highly charred bourbon barrels. Each barrel is double charred to ‘level 5’ which delivers enhanced vanilla flavours, sweetness and smoothness to the whiskey.

West Cork is an Irish whiskey brand that’s now making its way to the U.S.. It’s actually made in West Cork (by West Cork Distillers), where Kennedy and a variety of other products are also produced. Unlike Kennedy, these are legit whiskeys, one blended and one a single malt. We tried them both. Thoughts follow.


Aroma:Custard | Green apple | Cut grass | Citrus

Flavours:Buttered popcorn | Red licorice (Twizzlers) | Anise | Lemon

Character:This finish is coated with butter like in the Classic Blend, but malt, lemon, and anise are much more prominent.

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