Wolfburn Kylver Series – Release 4


It’s the fourth wonderful instalment in Wolfburn’s Kylver Series, with each release brandishing a different letter from the runic alphabet, found on the Kylver stone which the series is named after. The symbol on this bottle is called “Ansuz”, which roughly translates as “god” or “gods”. This is the first peated Kylver release, and also the first to be presented in a dark green bottle. The whisky was matured for around four years in a combination of first-fill bourbon barrels and second-fill quarter casks.

Highland Whisky

Nose: Both smoky and floral, with chocolate, green apple, freshly cut grass and a subtle sugary sweetness.

Palate: Fresh and sweet orange chocolate with more green apple, balanced by slightly sour notes of citrus zest and a whisper of peat smoke.

Finish: Chocolate returns, with a lingering freshness of green apple.

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