Highland Park Svein (Warrior Series) 1L


Svein comes from Highland Park’s Warrior series, which was released for the travel retail market. It’s named after a legendary Viking leader known for his fiery temper but also for his boundless hospitality. The whisky is matured predominately in ex-American oak casks, which has resulted in plenty of orange oil, vanilla, caramel and peppery oak, along with plenty of smoke.



Colour: Light gold

Nose: Barley malt coming through easily, I guess this is a little younger. Sweet and gentle hints of smoke. Green toffee apples and a touch of citrus (orange peel).

Palate: Instant sweet hit of smooth barley and vanilla sugars with slight spices kicking in after a moment along with a slight smokiness. Oak hinting strongly right in the background, enough to peak your interest. Fairly light mouthfeel, balanced, summery and easy going.

Finish: Spiced warmth hits your chest and dies away reasonably fast with dying embers lasting much longer.

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