Kaiyo The Peated (46%)*


Kaiyo (‘ocean’ in Japanese) was created by Master Blender Jeff Karlovitch, the Whisky veteran of Bunnahabhain, the parent company. Kaiyo Whisky is a unique concoction in many ways: it’s double-distilled and double-matured; it’s incredibly rare and exclusive; it spent some time travelling the seas to mature in the dynamic maritime realm of sloshing, temperature changes and varying air pressure; and it’s an unprecedented combo of peat and Mizunara oak.

Kaiyo’s peated Whisky is a wonderful and lush expression that’s first matured in Madeira casks for two years, before it’s shipped to the ocean in new Mizunara oak for more than a couple of years. The Spirit is a magnificent balance of Ardbeg-level peat and Madeira influence, a 92 proof palatial experience of smoke, oceanic breeze, wood, and fruit. It’s as if a Scotsman from Islay had a Japanese mother and worked on a cargo ship. Bold, intriguing, and colorful.

Region: Japanese

Colour: Deep gold
Nose:Smokey aromas are balanced with iodine and notes of dried berries and sandalwood.
Palate: Delightful palate with a symphony of wood, peat and fruit with notes of almonds, toasty grains and tea leaf.
Finish: Sweet, long and dry finish.

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