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Ninkasi Whisky, Pinot Noir Finish, French Connections – 500ml (46.3%)


Ninkasi Whisky, Pinot Noir Finish, French Connections

Ninkasi was the Sumerian goddess of beer. In 2015, the Ninkasi Whisky Experience was launched by Christophe Fargier and his team. Aged for 30 months in white Burgundy barrels [Domaine Burrier – Chateau de Beauregard] and finished for six months in American oak barrels previously containing Pinot Noir, this single malt created for LMDW reveals a youthful spirit that highlights the freshness of the distillate, as well as the fruity maturity that continually places Mirabelle plum centre-stage.

Single Malt Whisky, France
Rhone-alpes / 46.3% / 500ml
Small Batch

Region: French Whisky 

Colour : Deep golden yellow.

Nose:  Lively and creamy. A close reflection of the grain, the first nose is intensely malty (barley pulp, porridge). Allowed to breatheit reveals notes of citrus fruit (orange]fresh walnut and fermenting Mirabelle plumOxidativeit develops into crushed red fruits (redcurrantstrawberry). The Pinot Noir‘s influence then becomes more marked (black cherry). At the same timethe aromatic palette becomes richer (prune flan, clafoutis) and more spicy (pepper, cinnamon, clove).

Palate:  Dynamicfull of freshness. The attack is clearly vanillaroasted (coffee bean) and spicy (star anise)On the midpalatefresh fruits (pear, Mirabelle plum, black grape) bring lots of energy to a delicately woody and liquorice flavour palette. As on the nose, the end of the palate is rich (Normandy tartrhubarb cake)Graduallya fine layer of salted butter caramel and citrus fruit (candied lemoncoats the taste buds

Finish:  Long, heady. A hint of camphorgrilled pine nuts, vanilla and Mirabelle plum form a start to the finish that is also honeyed (acacia)Equipped with beautiful minerality (slateschist)it lingers on biscuit flavours. Mirabelle plum provides link between the nose, palate and finishSo much so that on the retronasal olfaction, this wonderful fruit is served as a tart. The empty glass is camphoricmedicinal (ointment)spicy (black pepper) and toasted.

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