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818 Tequila Blanco (40%)

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818 Tequila Blanco

818 Blanco Tequila has a lovely, herb-and-florals aroma and a creamy palate that just might turn your head.

So, what do you do if you are a super-famous celebrity and your entire family is famous for being famous and you want to expand your famous empire into Tequila? Well, if you’re Kendall Jenner, you secretly work with partners to source premium Spirit, bottle it up and send it to a few competitions in secret under a mysterious company name registered in Delaware — K and Soda LLC. Then, when you get some positive reviews and even win a medal or two, you turn it loose on the world as 818 Tequila. And we can see from the trademark filings that they have additional beverages on the way.

All premium Tequila brands begin at Blanco. 818 Blanco Tequila is made right from the start — which means 100% pure Weber Blue agave from the central valleys of Jalisco. The piñas are roasted and fermented for days. Then distilled and bottled in small batches at 40% ABV. This clean-sipping Mexican dram was just released to millions of fans eager to snag a sample. But it is the glowing reviews by the industry press that speak to the quality of the Spirit.

Region: Mexican Tequila

Colour: Clear

Nose: The aroma is alive with green notes Hatch chili, stewed cilantro, and a bouquet of desert florals.

Palate: The palate confirms the nose, but adds an interesting warm white chocolate note.

Finish: The finish is clean, herbal, and rich for a Blanco.


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