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Deleon Anejo Tequila (40%)


Deleon Anejo Tequila

Aged for at least 36 months in American White Oak barrels then bottled at 108 proof, this cask-strength Extra Añejo features a full-bodied taste packed with oak, toasted almond, light agave notes and a sweet vanilla finish.

Deleon Anejo Tequila tequila is aged for at least 3 years in their French oak barrels and bottled at what they describe “cask strength” at 102 proof.DeLeon tequilas are a brand founded by Brent Hocking and made in the highlands of Jalisco in a distillery that uses water from its own estate wells of spring water.

Region: Mexican Tequila

Nose: Rich resinous oak balanced with gentle vanilla and a hint of caramelized agave.

Palate: The palate is Robust and full-bodied packed with toasted almond, light caramelized agave, and cocoa undertones.

Finish: Sweet full-bodied vanilla finish with a hint of raisin.

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