Teeling Single Grain


A small batch release from the Teeling Whiskey Company. This is single grain whiskey that has been partly matured in Californian red wine barrels. In 2013 it won the award of ‘Best Irish Single Grain’ in the Irish Whiskey Awards Our tasting notes: A sweet and fruity style of whiskey with prominent flavours of vanilla, butter and honey. Smooth,soft and very easy going.

Irish single grain whiskey from Teeling! There are only an elite few Irish single grain whiskies out there at the moment, but Teeling went ahead and made theirs unique by maturing it in Californian Cabernet Sauvignon casks. Deliciously sweet with a good deal of spice and fruit hide within the Teeling Single Grain.


Aroma: Honeyed apple flesh and red grape, sweet and slightly floral with fragrant vanilla and spice, evaporated milk and brown sugar.

Flavours:There’s treacle on the palate, but it’s light and buttery with dried cranberry developing.

Character: Into golden syrup tart and sweet egg custard now with spicy cereal.

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