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Glenlossie 12 Year 2009, Artist Collective SA (43%)


Glenlossie 12 Year 2009, Artist Collective SA

The wonderfully fresh, honeyed and lemony palette of flavours and aromas revealed by this Glenlossie, immediately take us to the heart of Speyside.

With it come absolutely delicious notes of honey and an originality illustrated by the presence of unusual tastes and fragrances. The balsamic and peppery vegetal notes that gain the upper hand on the finish are the perfect example.

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Speyside / 43% / 750ml
Small Batch of 2 Casks – First Fill Bourbon Barrels
Limited edition of 448 bottles – NWW Exclusive

Glenlossie 12 Year 2009, Artist Collective SA

Region: Islay

Colour:  Bright Gold.

Nose: Rich, heady. On the first nose, beautiful notes of straw, green almond and candied lemon appear alongside honey (acacia) and fruit (pear, apple, pineapple) aromas. In a climax, green barley, chlorophyll and green liquorice refresh the air. With time, a superb note of vetiver floats above the aroma palette.

Palate: Lively, sharp. Wavering between freshly cut grass and almond milk, the attack follows on perfectly from the first nose. On the mid-palate, aromatic plants (sage, verbena, camomile) irreversibly intensify the flavour palette’s vegetal character. At the end of the palate, rocket leaves dressed with balsamic vinegar take hold of the entire palate.

Finish: Long, well-balanced. The start of the finish is just as lush and yet brings to the forefront flavours of juicy pear and pressed lemon. Quickly, however, dill and a beautiful malty bitterness reconnect with this wonderful Glenlossie’s preferred vegetal terroir. On the retro-nasal olfaction, green liquorice, incense and juniper berry create an energetic trio of flavours. The empty glass is mentholated, heady (iris butter) and medicinal (ointment).

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