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Waterford Single Farm Origin – Hook Head 1.1 (50%) *


Waterford Single Farm Origin – Hook Head 1.1

Once again, the Waterford Distillery has gone and created an Irish single malt whisky using barley grown on a single farm – this time, the barley came from Hook Head Farm, grown by Martin Foley. Waterford’s Single Farm origin series explores how terroir can impact a whisky’s flavour profile, making for a fascinating range of expression where you can taste the differences between each one.

Region: Irish Whiskey

Nose: Softly coastal and flinty, with a whisper of grassy sweetness to it.

Palate: Clove, caraway, and toasted bread. A hint of praline and honey gives it some sweetness.

Finish: Subtly fruity on the finish with apricot and pear.

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