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Aha Toro Diva Plata Rosa Tequila (40%) *


Aha Toro Diva Plata Rosa Tequila

They say that Tequila is made for men, but who says that women do not like it? …. Love it. DIVA, first AHA YETO silver rose tequila. Developed especially for the delicate feminine palate. Tequila DIVA …. its pink color and smooth taste to let out the diva in you. AHA YETO originated from an area known as “Los Altos de Jalisco”; a beautiful countryside surrounded by the blue colored patches of the “Tequilana” agave. To produce the fully ripe blue agave plants, and conceive a tequila of such high quality from this privileged region, requires waiting patiently for up to ten years. From here, we begin a delicate brewing process of honey extraction, fermentation, distillation, and a resting period of several months. AHA YETO then culminates into an aged tequila destined for the most demanding palates. The process used to make AHA YETO tequila is the same as was used 100 years ago, without chemicals or additives. The agave Tequilana Weber is the sole raw material used.

Region: Mexican Tequila

Nose: The nose overwhelms with citrus.

Palate: The flavor on the palate is broad and rich, with intense herbal and sweet notes.

Finish: The finish is long, complex and elegant, ending with the flavors of cooked agave.

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