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Deanston 15 Year Tequila Cask Finish (52,5%)*


Deanston 15 Year Tequila Cask Finish

Experience the artistry of Deanston 2007 Tequila Cask Finish Whisky, a limited-edition creation that marries 15 years of true Highland character with the bold innovation of Agave Tequila cask finishing. Originally matured in Oak hogsheads, this distinctive expression gains its uniqueness through the final flourish in hand-picked Tequila casks from Mexico’s Jaliscan Highlands. Known for their fruity and floral character, these casks held high-quality 100% Agave Tequila, adding depth and charm to this remarkable whisky.

The Agave Tequila casks, which once held the revered blue agave tequila, contribute an elegant complexity to Deanston’s signature style. With four to five fills of Reposado and Añejo tequilas, these casks have developed a rich history of flavor infusion. The result is a whisky that harmoniously blends the citrusy, waxy notes of Deanston with the fruity and warming tones from the tequila cask finish, creating a truly delightful and balanced experience.

A fusion of tradition and innovation, Deanston 2007 Tequila Cask Finish Whisky is a rare find that exemplifies the dedication to craft and the pursuit of exceptional taste. Limited in availability, this whisky is an invitation to explore the extraordinary, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the Highland heritage entwined with the allure of Tequila’s legacy. Savor this unique masterpiece, where the worlds of Scottish and Mexican spirits unite in a symphony of flavors and artistry.

Deanston 15 Year Tequila Cask Finish

Region: Highland

Colour: Gold

Nose: Fresh. Notes of ripe pineapple, crème brulee, mixed nuts and light oak.

Taste: Rich, yet dry on the palate. Bursting with flavours of caramelised agave, toasted almonds, baked apples with custard and warming spice.

Finish: Long finish with brown spice and sweet, citrus bursts.

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