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Don Julio 70th Anniversary Añejo Tequila (40%)


Don Julio 70th Anniversary Añejo Tequila

A fantastic expression from the Don Julio Tequila range, Don Julio 70 is allowed to mature for 18 months in American white oak Bourbon casks before being charcoal filtered. This removed the colour of the spirit, but doesn’t remove its flavour, meaning you can use it in cocktails that deserve a good helping of aged Tequila richness without impacting the final serve’s hue. Marvellous stuff, a fitting way to mark the 70th anniversary of when the eponymous Don Julio started distilling Tequila.

Region: Mexican Tequila

Peanut brittle, cigar box, roasted agave warmth, very subtly peppery and just a hint of citrus.

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