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Glen Scotia Double Rum Finish (46%)


Glen Scotia Double Rum Finish

What happens when you take an already delicious bourbon barrel matured Campbeltown single malt from Glen Scotia distillery and then finish it in first-fill Guyanese Demerara rum barrels? You get this tasty treat, that’s what. Double the cask, double the flavour is the theory here, but this process also has historical precedence. Glen Scotia has records that go as far back as 1815, before the distillery was founded, that show casks of rum  present and for sale in the town.

Glen Scotia Double Rum Finish

Region: Campbeltown Whisky

Nose: Seaspray coats brown sugar, charred pineapple, and cinnamon.

Palate: Thick molasses is joined by other notes you’d expect from a combo of bourbon and rum casks like desiccated coconut, banana, vanilla, nutmeg, and stone fruits.

Finish: More of those maritime notes and aromatic spice.

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