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Glen Scotia Victoriana Cask Strength (Batch 2) (54.2%)


Glen Scotia Victoriana Cask Strength (Batch 2)

Glen Scotia’s Victoriana sees the Campbeltown distillery’s single malt drawn from casks with a particularly heavy char profile, imparting plenty of rich, roasty-toasty notes. This, however, is the Victoriana Cask Strength expression. It’s obvious what the difference here is – it’s bottled at cask strength, a robust 54.2% ABV, which helps bolster those aforementioned roasty-toasty notes.

Glen Scotia Victoriana Cask Strength (Batch 2)

Region: Campbeltown

Nose: Elegantly oak-y, with notes of toasty sugar and citrus peels.

Palate: More fruit forward on the nose, with dark berry juiciness at its core.

Finish: Orchard fruits dusted with dark chocolate.

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