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Kilchoman Small Batch STR Cask / Bourbon Barrel / Sherry Cask (48.7%)


Kilchoman Small Batch STR Cask / Bourbon Barrel / Sherry Cask

The excellent Kilchoman Small Batch Release is a limited edition whisky that uses the finest casks available for maturation. This exclusive small batch release includes some whiskies matured in ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and STR casks.

STR casks are an innovation not found in many distilleries and were created by the late Jim Swan. The abbreviation stands for ‘shaved, toasted and recharred’.

Each cask previously contained red wine, and to tame some of the overpowering red wine flavours, the casks are shaved on the inside to expose the active wood. This is then toasted to break down the harder oak elements such as cellulose. The barrel is then charred to create an active charring layer that improves the interaction with the maturing spirit.

The bottles were bottled at 48,7 % alcohol and no chill filtration or colouring was used in the production process. 20% STR Cask / 75% Bourbon Barrel /5% Sherry Cask

Region: Islay

Colour: Amber with gold highlights

Nose: Peat, smoke, citrus, vanilla, red fruit

Taste: Fruit, oak, spices, vanilla, cinnamon

Finish: Medium-long, malty, smoky, citrus

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