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Longrow 21 Year (2023 Release) (46%)


Longrow 21 Year (2023 Release)

A particularly appealing Longrow single malt from the Springbank Distillery here folks, matured for 21 years! This terrific Campbeltown whisky packs a peaty punch paired with fresh fruit flourishes. Hopefully all that alliteration conveys our excitement for this one.

Longrow 21 Year (2023 Release)

Region: Campbeltown

Nose: Streaky bacon and burnt ends, with juicy mango and a touch of toffee.

Palate: Stewed berries and green apple notes arrive first, before earthy smoke and hickory. Pockets of vanilla and sugared almond pop up later on.

Finish: Final wafts of orange oil, cask char, floral malt and star anise.

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