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Mars Komagatake Tsunuki Aging (Bottled 2019) (56%) *


Mars Komagatake Tsunuki Aging – Bottled 2019

This right here is a Japanese single malt from the Shinshu Distillery, but the twist here is that it was matured at a different Mars distillery – the Tsunuki Distillery, which opened in 2016. Could this be a hint towards the kind of whiskies that will eventually be released by Tsunuki? Only time will tell… This particular edition was bottled in 2019.

Region: Japanese Whisky

Nose: Custard slice, almond, baked earth and citrus oil.

Palate: Tangy red berries and green apple, mellowed by rounded oak and runny caramel.

Finish: Juicy plum and pear.

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