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Mezcal Vago Espadín (Emigdio Jarquin) (50.4%)


Mezcal Vago Espadín (Emigdio Jarquin)

A mezcalero’s mezcal made from Agave Espadín tells a lot about that mezcalero’s style and craftsmanship. Because specific notes can’t be attributed to different agave types, the characteristics of a mezcal Espadín can be very indicative of the hand of the maker. Each mezcalero that works with Mezcal Vago, makes an Espadín.

Every batch is slightly different, but ABV is usually around 50%.

Mezcal Vago’s Espadín from Aquilino has become a favorite amongst aficionados. This mezcal is magnificent for sipping, yet has become a favourite ingredient in craft cocktails as well.

Mexico, Mezcal – Single Palenque
50.4% / 750ml

Country: Mexico, Mezcal

Profile:  It’s well-balanced smokiness and bright citrus flavours make it distinct. The lower elevation and rugged terrain of Yegolé contribute to the complexity of the mezcals from that region. The terroir shines through in this mezcal, and you really get a sense of place when tasting it.

Emigdio Jarquin
Blue label (indigo)
Stone ground pinas
Copper pot still
Well water
Signature: Madrecuixe

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