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Starward Single Barrel Coonawarra (57.2%)*


Starward Single Barrel Coonawarra
The Starward Coonawarra comes from a 200l red wine cask made of French white oak. For the maturation of the Starward Coonawarra Whisky red wine barrels are taken from the famous wine region of Australia – Coonawarra in South Australia. All the ingredients of the whisky are collected within a day. Then the whisky is aged in Melbourne for three years. This is called elemental maturation. The beautiful colour of this whisky comes from the red wine casks. Barrels of Shiraz, Cabernet and Pinot Noir are used, which have spent 4-7 years in the best wineries in Australia. Often the barrels are slightly wetted with wine, which gives the whiskey its strong and fruity taste.
Distilled: 2016
Bottled: 2021
Limited to 240 bottles.

Region: Australian Whisky

Colour: Amber.

Nose: Candied fruit, berries, notes of toffee.

Taste: Fruity, strong, red berries, notes of toffee.

Finish: Long lasting.

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