The Whisky Cellar - Miltonduff 2009 (62.3%)


Sav’s Pick of The Month – October 2021


Miltonduff 2009 – another delicious Speyside dram, we’ve gone with a big cask strength on this one with notes of dark orchard fruits, brown sugar coated pecans and cafe latte. American Oak ex-sherry hogshead. Bottled at 62.3% alc.



Sav said “October, a month filled with masks and deception, from the holiday celebrated to the weather and season, it’s comforting to know that nothing is misleading or dishonest about Sav’s Pick of the Month; THE WHISKY CELLAR – A Single Cask, MILTONDUFF 10 Year Old.

Single casks are incredible and organic, as there is no hiding or masking when it comes to the flavour. The barely, yeast and water are distilled into the barrel and then is poured straight into the bottle, and that is as natural and organic as you can get. 

This is not your typical Speyside Distillery, but I think is a true gem, this dram is just amazing.

I was able to get my hands on a Miltonduff Single Cask 10 Year, a 1st  Fill Hogshead Bourbon Cask. When the bottle was opened, the aroma was pouring and floods your senses, and you’re automatically getting a sweet sponge, ginger cake and sweet butterscotch and vanilla. The flavours are very forthcoming with the honeycombs, flora notes are so sweet; one thing that the dram has in common with October is that there is no shortage of sweet.

This is a full-bodied dram, the only surprise from this dram comes in when tasting the warm spice, with toffee fudge, and burnt crème brulee at 62.3% alcohol, is how smoothly it goes down, either on its own or with ice. This non-chill filtrated cask strength is not for the faint of heart, and like its true self it is authentic and organic, it is not watered down, there are no preservatives – nothing, just the authentic dram, standing as it is, in its truest form, waiting for you.

Very limited, The Single Cask No. 235 was hand-selected for the Bottega Whiskey Club and there are only 251 bottles.

Go ahead, during this masking and deceptive month, grab that authentic and honest bottle that is waiting for you in all its authenticity.”


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