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Umiki Whisky (46%)


Umiki Whisky

Umiki Whisky is a blended whisky made with “local ocean side malt whiskies” and grain whiskies from other countries (not disclosed). It is a no-age statement release which uses desalinated water from the Pacific Ocean in its creation. The whisky is finished in Japanese pine barrels and bottled at 92 proof. “Umi” is Japanese for “ocean” and “ki” is Japanese for “tree.”

Region: Japanese Whisky

Appearance: Medium Amber

Nose: You can really smell the pine wood over notes of freshly toasted grain, honey, herbs, and a bit of vanilla.

Taste: The palate opens with a good mouth-feel and with some warmth delivering notes of red plum, anise, menthol, exotic woods, and Aleppo chili.

Finish: The finish lead with the pepper spice and is drying with pine tannins.

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