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Zonin Prosecco – Italian Sparkling Wine 750ml



When it comes to sparkling wine, Italy has perfected the craft and for nearly 200 years, ZONIN1821 has established itself as one of the most important wine producers in the world. Operating under the simple philosophy that, “each region has its own traditions, each region has its own wines,” ZONIN1821’s vineyards encompass nearly 5,000 acres throughout Italy’s finest wine regions and Barboursville Vineyards, Virginia, and produces wines that exhibit each unique quality specific to where each bottle is made.

Zonin Prosecco is made to celebrate life’s wonderful moments, no matter how big or small they are. They’re perfectly crafted and inspired by centuries of tradition.

Prosecco is not Champagne

Under the sparkling wine category, Champagne is the term that is disproportionately used to describe all bubbly wines, including prosecco. However, there are several distinctly unique types and Champagne is just one of them. Prosecco is its own type of wine, complete with its own characteristics that have drawn a large, supportive following for its delicious bubbly taste and complexity of flavors that pair well with just about anything.

Prosecco, named after the Italian village near Trieste, harbors two distinct differences that make this alcoholic delicacy entirely different from its commonly-named counterparts. Each bottle is made with Glera grapes that are unique to this region in Italy and the production method is essential to creating the light, fizzy bubbles that are highly desired by prosecco lovers.

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