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Cascahuín Tequila Blanco – 11 Brix (53%)


Cascahuín Tequila Blanco – 11 Brix

With the Cascahuin team’s curiosity and passion for tequila has led them to assemble 3 fermentations in a single distillate, obtaining a degree of 53 ° for called it… 11 Brix.
In the 11 Brix edition its 3 white tequilas were distilled at 53% alcohol volume so it does not have a dilution with water and had stabilization in stainless steel tank for 5 months.
11 Brix is a tribute to one of the processes they love most of tequila which is fermentation, for this edition have combined three types of white tequila with different fermentation equipment to know a different taste and aroma made of natural way.

Cement tanks = Strong, natural agave sweetness
Stainless Steel tanks = sharp, grassy
Wood tanks = well-rounded, earthy + complex finish

After fermentation, Cascahuin 11 Brix Tequila was bottled at still strength at 53 abv with only 4,500 bottles ever made.

Cascahuín Tequila Blanco – 11 Brix

Region: Mexican Tequila

Aroma: It has a beautiful buttery nose that we suspect to be from the cement tanks, and it finishes with a careful blend of a citrus and peppery minerality that is more than familiar to Cascahuin.

Flavour: The first sip is to just adjust your palate to something at 106 proof, but at the second sip, man, do you really begin to enjoy the complexities of this beautiful tequila. Right at the tip of your tongue, you’ll experience a transformation from black pepper to a citrusy, fruity, tropical explosion that takes over the mouth and is just delicious. The mouth feel is pleasent because it is so buttery, similar to a rich chardonnay. Appreciate just how balanced this expression is. No flavor overpowers another; they work in perfect unison as the sweet, buttery, and tropical flavors mellow down, and it finishes off with a briny minerality that you typically enjoy from Cascahuin. This is an incredible experiment that shows us just how important fermentation is and how that can change a tequila entirely.

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